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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we charge for our services?
  There is no charge for us to come and meet with you. At that time we listen to your needs and discuss the solutions. Often we can do a quick sketch, on-site along with an estimate at no charge. If a design is needed, our fees are based upon the size and complexity of the project. Small areas and simple planting plans can be done for as little as $100.00 and for complex designs, such as those seen in our portfolio, the cost can be several hundred dollars.

How long does a design take?
   It all depends on the complexity and if sub-contractors are involved. Simple small plans can be done in just a few days, while a larger project can take several weeks. On the larger projects preliminary budgets are established and estimates prepared throughout the design process for you to review. As part of our design you get a how to care guide for all the plants and hardscape materials included in your project.

How will we know how much things are costing?
   Our proposals are line item by each area of work. You will be able to look at the proposal and see how much each type of tree or cubic yard of mulch is installed. This helps us stay within budget and if changes are made from one design to the next, it is easy to follow the changes.

Do you warranty your work?

   Yes we do. We offer a one year warranty on all plant material and hardscape items and these are detailed in our proposals. As with most landscape contractors our warranty on plants is offered provided they receive the proper care.

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